Amazon brings X-Ray for Movies/ TV Shows to Fire TV devices

X-Ray for Movies and TV ShowsAmazon has announced that it is bringing the X-Ray for Movies and TV Shows feature to Fire TV and Fire TV Stick devices via a software update. The update begins rolling out today and will reach all Fire TV devices over the next few days.

X-Ray for Movies and TV Shows was originally introduced on Amazon’s Fire tablets and allows the users to view information about movie or TV characters in the scene, fun-facts about title and other details right on your device while watching a movie or TV Show. Amazon uses information from IMDb to provide these details.

“We’ve all been there: you’re sitting on the couch, watching a favorite movie or TV show, and a familiar face enters the scene—but you can’t for the life of you remember who he is, or what other movies he’s been in. X-Ray solves this—it integrates the vast database of IMDb right into the viewing experience, so you can easily see trivia, actor information and soundtrack music behind TV shows and movies. We think Amazon Fire TV customers are going to love this elegant experience on the big screen at home, and it’s just one simple click of the remote away,” said Peter Larsen, Vice President Amazon Devices.

According to Amazon, X-Ray details are not available for all titles but the number of supported titles is still over tens of thousands.X-Ray for Movies and TV Shows

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