Google working to bring iPhone support to Android Wear: Report

Android Wear smartwatchesGoogle is reportedly working to bring iPhone support to its wearables platform Android Wear. According to The Verge, the search giant is currently in the final stages of working out the technical details, which will allow the iPhone users to sport an Android Wear smartwatch like Moto 360.

The Verge notes that in the current state of development, Android Wear smartwatches won’t have the same number of features with iPhone as they get with Android phones, but iPhone users will be able to view notifications, see Google Now cards, and access advanced features with Google’s applications like Gmail or Google Maps. However, there is still a big issue in the form of App Store approval for Android Wear companion app. Apple doesn’t have the best record of dealing with Google applications in App Store and at a time when the Cupertino-based company has just released its own smartwatch, it wouldn’t want unnecessary competition.

Google is yet to officially state anything about the arrival of the iPhone support on Android Wear, but we hope to hear from the company in the coming weeks.

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