LG G2 will get Android 5.0 update in Q2, 2015: LG India

LG G2 India launchLG India has revealed that the G2 smartphone will be receiving the Android 5.0 Lollipop update sometime in Q2, 2015. The company shared the news in a reply on Twitter, when asked when they planned to roll-out the Lollipop for G2 in the Indian market.

Although we have known for a while that G2 will be getting the update, the timing of the update release was unclear until now.

This will be the second G-series phone from LG to get the Android 5.0, after LG India rolled-out Lollipop for G3 in December, 2014. Among other series smartphone, LG has rolled-out Android 5.0 for L90 dual in the country.

The official change-log of the G2 update is unavailable at this moment, but you can expect to see the usual Lollipop-specific changes like material design improvements, performance enhancements, improved notifications and more.


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