Amazon Unlocked will offer paid apps & games for free: Report

Amazon UnlockedAmazon is reportedly working on a new subscription service called Amazon Unlocked, which will offer access to premium apps as well as in-app purchases for free. The subscription will cost a fixed amount for monthly or yearly usage.

According to TechCrunch, which has access to internal Amazon documents, the Amazon has partnered with several major developer studios as well as independent developers like Sega America and UsTwo to offer their apps and games as a part of this subscription service. The size of the app catalog will play a key role in getting consumers on-board the service.

Amazon Unlocked will be accessible via Amazon application (not the version available on Play Store but the one downloadable from Amazon website and houses the Appstore).

The details about the Unlocked program availability and subscription pricing are still a mystery but we hope to hear from the e-retail giant soon.

Here are some of the highlights of the Amazon Unlocked

  • Access to paid apps as well as free apps with in-app purchases
  • Unlocked to get promoted prominently in Amazon app
  • Developers can leave the Unlocked program, when they leave, the app as well as in-app purchases become chargeable once again (already downloaded apps will be safe)
  • Only available via Amazon app and users will need Amazon app on their device to continue using Unlocked apps and games

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