Notes from Xiaomi’s MWC meet: Mi store in Europe & biggest overseas market

Xiaomi logoXiaomi Global VP Hugo Barra on Tuesday sat down with the tech press at the ongoing Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona and revealed couple of tidbits about the company and its future plans.

Mi Store in Europe

After announcing that it will launch the Mi Store in the United States last month, Barra has now stated that Xiaomi also plans to bring the store to the Europe. Like US, there won’t be any smartphones available on the store and it will just offer the accessories for the near future.

“It’s going to be a different experience from what we have in our markets in Asia, because we’re not selling phones. We’re only going to sell a small number of our hero accessories, things like the Mi Band, studio-grade headphones, in-ear headphones and the world’s most popular power banks,” Barra said at the meet.

Hugo did not announce any more details about Europe plans, but we hope to hear more from the company in the coming weeks

Biggest overseas market

At the same meet, Hugo Barra also stated that India has become the company’s biggest overseas market. India now ranks second among all the markets, where Xiaomi operates, next only to China.

Given that apart from China, all of the markets where Xiaomi operates are quite small, apart from probably Indonesia, It would be interesting to see how Xiaomi’s business ranks in various markets after it has entered countries like Brazil, Russia and Latin America.

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