Android Pay is coming: Sundar Pichai at MWC 2015

Sundar Pichai at MWC 2015Google’s Sundar Pichai on Monday confirmed the existence of Android Pay at the Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona. He stated that Android Pay is not going to be like Apple Pay or Samsung Pay and is an API framework, which payment systems will use for integration in Android devices.

According to Pichai, Banks, credit card providers or payment systems like Wallet will use the APIs given in Android Pay to build their payment apps. He didn’t share many details, but Android Pay is likely to include stuff to make and keep the payments secure as well as allow access to NFC or other hardware, which could be used to make payments.

“Anybody can build a payment service on top of Android and plug into Android Pay APIs. Google Wallet will be a customer of Android Pay, as would other services,” said Pichai.

Sundar also confirmed Google’s plans to start a MVNO (Mobile virtual network operator) in the US, but noted that it will be a limited service and not a competitor to traditional telecom operators.

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