Huawei’s gorgeous Android Wear smartwatch leaked ahead of official launch

Huawei WatchThis is probably the first time you are hearing about the Huawei’s Android Wear smartwatch. Unlike most products these days, it didn’t see any leaks (as far as I know) and that would have held true until official unveling at the Mobile World Congress 2015, but someone at Huawei jumped the gun and published the product videos on YouTube. The videos have now been made private, but their copies are already circulating around the web.

The leak has not revealed much of the technical specications of the device, but it has given us a great look at this gorgeous smartwatch, which is one of the best-looking Android Wear devices. We do know that it features sapphire glass, heart-rate sensor, interchangeable leather/ metal straps, and a crown.

We will have more details in the next 24 or 48 hours, until then you can check the Huawei Watch picture gallery as well as the promo videos below.Huawei Watch

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