Motorola to add Moto 360 to Moto Maker

Moto 360 at Moto Maker Remember Moto Maker, the nifty online tool from Motorola, which allows the consumers in select markets to build the Moto X as per their choice. Well, it is getting bigger. Motorola has revealed that in March, it will release a new version of Moto Maker, which will not only you to customise Moto X smartphone, but also the Moto 360 smartwatch.

The company has stated that Moto Maker will let the users choose from three watch casings (silver, black and gold), two band materials and colours (leather or metal), two band sizes (23mm or 18mm) and twelve watch faces. The chosen watch face comes set-up right from the factory, so as soon as you switch on the device, you will have see the watch face pre-installed and applied.

“We clearly believe in the power of choice, as a brand. And this is really empowering. To be able to design your own watch—it’s not an analog watch, it’s a highly sophisticated device of the future. To be able to do that at this level, we just think it’s going to be incredibly liberating,” Dickon Isaacs, Motorola’s director of design for wearables, told Wired.

The customised Moto 360 watches will be shipped from Moto Maker facility in Shenzhen, China, and if the consumers don’t like what they have chosen, they can always return it on the company’s dime and get a new one.

It is unclear whether with the introduction of Moto 360 in Moto Maker, the company will expand the availability of the customisation tool to more markets.

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