HTC One M9 promo videos leaked, reveal new theme builder & home widget

HTC One M9HTC is finding it hard to plug the leaks of the One M9 smartphone and every day we are seeing more and more information about the phone. The latest One M9 leak brings us the first promo videos of the phone, which not only give us a great look at the phone, but also reveal several new features.

As per the promo videos, which were published by @Upleaks (twitter account and website deleted now), HTC will introduce a new feature – Theme Builder – in One M9. It will allow users to create their own theme with the available options given in the phone. They could choose their own colour scheme, icons, as well as wallpaper.

Home Widget is a new widget being released as a part of the phone, which lists apps on the user’s home-screen based on the time of the day. We have seen similar feature in couple of Android launchers.

HTC is also bringing several camera enhancements, which will let the users tweak their images. Among other changes, Blinkfeed in Sense 7.0 will feature meal time suggestions of restaurants and BoomSound will add Dolby Surround Sound support.

To remind you, HTC One M9 will be unveiled on March 1 in Barcelona.

One comment

  1. I am very much impressed with you adding videos in vidme…..Cannot access Youtube from office…Please continue this trend..
    I wish HTC has done something different with the design…Seems they took the last phone(M8) and just changed the camera on the back.


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