Motorola’s India sales cross 3mn, will set-up experience centres

Motorola New LogoMotorola revealed at a press event earlier today that it has sold over 3 million smartphones in the country since its re-entry in February 2014. The company claims to have achieved this sales milestone in lass than ten months.

To recap, Motorola India’s sales achievements in the past one year, the company sold around 500,000 smartphone in just over three months, 1 million in five months, 1.6 million in seven months, and 2.5 million in under nine-months. As you can see, while the first half million sales took over three months for the company, the last half million came in just a month; showing the increased adoption of Motorola phones in India.

The company also announced that it is planning to set-up experience-cum-services centres in the country. The first such centre will be established in Bangalore, followed by metropolitan cities. Initially, around five-ten of these experience centres will be opened, but the number could increase going-forward. The company will still continue to sell its products online. There is no change in the sales strategy, noted a company executive.

Motorola India head Amit Boni also reiterated at the press event that despite the Lenovo-acquisition, the company will continue to operate independently in the country.


  1. My ‘experience centre’ is in my house where I suffer this phone with regrets of buying it after wanting a ‘pure Android’ experience


  2. Have been using Motorola since 2011 and have no regrets whatsoever. I say pick Pune to be one of the cities for Experience-cum-Service. I think with the centre, Motorola can easily sell ten times the number. Good going & welcome, Moto!


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