Microsoft Word, PowerPoint & Excel apps for Android tablets shed preview-tag

Microsoft Word for Android tabletsMicrosoft Outlook preview lands in Google Play

Microsoft seems be on a roll today. The company has just announced the launch of the stable versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps for Android tablets as well as Microsoft Outlook preview app in Google Play.

Talking about the Office apps first, the Word, Excel and PowerPoint have shed the preview tag and now be used by anyone without worrying about them being beta software. The apps are free to download, but will need a Microsoft account to access features like create files, print and basic editing. In addition, the premium features will require an Office 365 account.

“Since the Office for Android tablet preview release, these apps have received a tremendous response, earning a 4+ rating. The preview generated more than 250 thousand downloads of the Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps across 33 languages and more than 110 countries, helping us refine and improve the product. This customer feedback has been critical to ensuring a high quality and consistent Office experience across the broad Android ecosystem,” noted Microsoft in a blog post.

Coming to Microsoft Outlook preview app, this Android version of the company’s desktop mail client allows the users to access their Office 365, Microsoft Exchange,, Gmail, Yahoo and other email accounts on the go. The app also integrates a calendar for all scheduling needs.Microsoft Outlook for Android

“Despite the smartphone becoming a primary screen for reading email, most of us perform only basic email triage on the phone, delaying the rest to deal with on the computer. Activities like sorting through large amounts of email, managing your calendar, and sharing files require too many steps or multiple apps that don’t work together well on the phone.  The new Outlook app brings together the core tools you need to get things done—your email, calendar, contacts and files—helping you get more done even on the smallest screen,” wrote the Outlook team in a blog post.

The new Outlook app will replace OWA for Android app.

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