Offline support now rolling out to YouTube for Android in India [Update]

Offline support in YouTube for Android

Update: Google has now officially announced the launch of offline support in YouTube and has stated that the feature will be available in India, Philippines and Indonesia.

The company has also revealed that the offline videos will only be available for playback for upto 48 hours. More on YouTube offline feature below.

Earlier: Google is finally making good on its promise to bring offline support to YouTube for Android in India. Like most of Google features, it is also rolling out in phases and some users have started getting notifications that YouTube videos can now be saved for offline viewing in the app. Others are expected to get it in the coming days.

The company had originally revealed that it is bringing the offline support to YouTube in September this year at the Android One launch event and it was supposed to go live within a few weeks. But, it seems to have taken a whole lot more time.

The offline support is quite easy to use and all you have to do is tap the download icon next to video title and it downloads the video to your phone in the selected video quality. Considering the copyright issues and other content restrictions, these downloaded videos can only be seen in the YouTube app under the Offline section.Offline support in YouTube for Android

If you have already got the offline support in YouTube on your Android phone, do let us know about the experience in the comments.

Thanks Armaan for the tip


  1. i got the update.
    not all videos can be saved offline, i don’t really know the criteria for it. I tried saving a Rowan Atkinson live video, and it wasn’t available for offline viewing


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