Samsung SM-J100F is an upcoming budget Android phone

Samsung SM-J100F at ZaubaSightings at benchmark website GFXbench as well as Indian import-export tracking website suggest that Samsung is working on a new entry-level smartphone, which will carry the model number SM-J100F.

While the benchmark listing has revealed the major specifications of the phone, import data at Zauba indicates Samsung has been testing multiple display sizes for the phone – 4.3-inch, 4.5-inch and 4.8-inches, so, we will have to wait for an official announcement to get a confirmation on the display size.

Display aside, we know that the phone will be powered by 1.2GHz Marvell PXA1908 quad-core processor and feature 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage, 5MP front & rear cameras and Android 4.4.4. SM-J100F will most likely be released in both single-SIM as well as dual-SIM versions, something quite common with Samsung budget Android phones and we can see that some of the test units in Zauba pack dual-SIM support.

There is no word on the final branding of the smartphone, but we hope to hear from the company soon.Samsung SM-J100F at GFXBench


  1. Samsung you have still not learned your lessons.What is this ?
    Device with WVGA,4 GB Storage is nothing more than a crap. 720p display along with 8GB Storage and 1GB RAM is must nowadays.
    Samsung you will fade away like Nokia if you don’t act now otherwise its bye-bye.


  2. on one hand Samsung talks about having same/similar internal on phones so it can issue updates faster and minimize production cost but on the other hand they go for Marvell chips. AFAIK, HP is only the second manufacturer (most likely rebranded) to use Marvell in a noticeable way.

    even though the soc in use is using Cortex A53 (ARM v8 & 64bit support) going for a odd GPU (vivante is not enjoying Mali/SGX level support) will only create incompatibility problems and increase cost of development. add to it game incompatibility and TouchWiz taking a toll.


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