Micromax grabs exclusive rights to Cyanogen OS device support in India

Oneplus OneNo CM updates for OnePlus One in India

Cyanogen Inc. has announced that its tie-up with Micromax is not limited to just software support for YU-branded devices, but Micromax-owned YU will be only firm for whose devices, the company will be providing software support in the country.

“Micromax has announced a new Internet brand YU, which is slated to announce its first device on Cyanogen OS. Cyanogen’s exclusive deal also means that Cyanogen OS will not support any other devices shipping in India with future updates including Lollipop,” Cyanogen Inc. noted in a press release.

At this point, Cyanogen Inc. doesn’t officially provide software for any devices in India, apart from the upcoming OnePlus One, so it shouldn’t impact anyone. Also, I don’t think, the latest development will have any bearing on the CyanogeMod community development.

Now coming to OnePlus One, thanks to Micromax’s exclusive partnership, the smartphone won’t get any Cyanogen OS updates in India. The phone will launch with the currently available stable version, but there won’t be any CM-updates and the consumers will have to wait for OnePlus to develop its own firmware for the phone, which is already in works.

“According to our current estimations, we’ll be able to release our first community build to our Indian users next month and have a production-ready build in February. Our system will be based on Lollipop, and will be built to be stable, fast, and lightweight. True to our original promise of putting user experience first, it will be bloatware-free and only carry the features important to our users,” stated OnePlus in a blog post.

If you plan to buy OnePlus One in India, there shouldn’t be any problems for you unless you wanted OnePlus One because of CM. Also, there are unofficial ways to flash firmware on smartphones, although they are not for everyone.


  1. Fuck CM then. They’ve managed to become more evil than Google, whose evil it was that led to the creation of CM in the first place.

    I guess don’t be evil isn’t so fucking easy eh CM?


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