Twitter plans to track which apps you download, here is how to opt-out

TwitterIn a move that is likely to miff many users, Twitter has revealed that it plans to track which third-party apps users install on their smartphones. According to a report in Recode, the company will be pushing out an updated version of its official Android app around next week, which will bring this ability (known as App Graph).

While Twitter’s plans seem intrusive, they are not unprecedented and Google allows this type of collection of data in Android as long as apps disclose it in their terms and conditions. Also, the applications like Twitter can only see the names of the apps installed on the device, nothing more.

Twitter plans to use the collected information to better target the advertisements and tailor the overall experience. While the likes of Google and Facebook have plethora of data about their users for offer targeted advertising, Twitter falls behind in this aspect, thus the latest move from the company.

As per Twitter support website, Twitter will inform the users in form of a prompt in the app before beginning the collection of app graph data, so you will have a chance to stop this before Twitter tracks such information.

To opt-out of the app graph, tap the overflow (three vertical dots) icon in the app, go to ‘Settings’, then select the account for which you plan to adjust the setting, then choose ‘Other’ and adjust the setting to ‘Tailor Twitter based on my apps.’

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