After Samsung, Sony decides to trim smartphone portfolio

Sony Xperia logoWe recently heard that Samsung is planning to trim its smartphone portfolio next year and now, Sony has stated it will reduce the size of its Xperia smartphone line-up to cut costs. It looks like the company has realised that it can’t compete in terms of the quantity and will just focus on quality now.

“We’re not aiming for size or market share but better profits,” Hiroki Totoki, Sony’s head of mobile division stated at an investors’ conference. According to a report in Reuters, the company will detail its plans for the mobile division by end of March 2015.

Sony has not shared any other information about the future of the mobile division, but there were some reports in the past that the company won’t release two flagship models in a year from 2015 and they line up perfectly with the company’s new plans to reduce the number of phones in the Xperia line-up.

Among other details, Reuters is reporting that Sony doesn’t plan to renew the FIFA sponsorship contract next year, probably in an effort to save money, as most of the its units continue to bleed.

To remind you, as a part of its mobile devices unit, Sony currently offers Xperia smartphones, tablets and smartwatches worldwide.


  1. less models or not, unless they can bring in proper spec smartphones at the right price, they’ll bleed money. people still recommend Xperia SP & ZR. those are 2yr old phones because Sony doesn’t have any midrange phone.
    we’ll see the outcome in 2-2.5yrs, either Sony will get into profit zone else there is a high chance it’ll get spin off and ultimately sold. And next is LG, my guess


  2. Everyone wants to follow the motorola model. Make three phones in three ranges – Low. Mid and high End. Continue selling previous year’s models to cover the gaps in the price range.


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