Asus to announce Zenfone 2 lineup at CES 2015

Asus Zenfone 5 A450CGAsus has revealed that it will be unveiling the second-generation Zenfone smartphones in January next year and will add another chip supplier along with Intel as it expects to double its smartphone shipments.

Asus CEO Jerry Shen announced at an investor conference in Taipei that the Zenfone 2-series will be announced at Consumer Electronics Show 2015 in US. All Asus phones showcased at CES will include an Intel chip and get a price-tag starting NT$9,990 (US$327), however the Taiwanese manufacturer will add more Zenfone smartphones same month in China, which will pack the processors from a second chip supplier. The company has not revealed the name of the second supplier, but stated that the phones with chips from this unnamed supplier will be priced starting just NT$4,990 ($163).

The specifications of the upcoming Zenfone smartphones are unclear at this point, but they are expected to be better than the first-gen phones.

Asus CEO Shen has also stated that the company plans to expand the availability of Zenfones next year and will release the Zenfone smartphones in 20 markets across the globe, up from 14 markets this year.

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