Jelly Bean & KitKat now present on over 81pc of Android devices

Platform version dataThe latest Android platform version numbers are here and there are no surprises at all. Apart from Android 4.4 KitKat, all other Android versions keep losing market share and Android 4.1+ devices now account for over 81 percent of all Android devices.

KitKat on its own has crossed the 30 percent mark and is expected to grow for the next few months. The latest Android version – Lollipop – might make an appearance in the platform distribution data next month but that will depend on the speed of Android 5.0 roll-out on Nexus devices and the sales of Nexus 9.

Among other Android versions, Gingerbread’s market share is finally less than ten percent and the Android version is now available on 9.8 percent of the devices, followed by Ice Cream Sandwich on 8.5 percent and Froyo on 0.7 percent.

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