Google Nexus 6 listed on Flipkart as “coming soon,” no word on price

Google Nexus 6 at FlipkartEven before it could be listed on Google Play for the Indian market, Google’s Nexus 6 smartphone has appeared on e-retailer The retailer listing doesn’t carry any details that we didn’t already know and simply shows the 32GB version of the phone as “coming soon.”

Being a Motorola-made smartphone, Nexus 6’s listing on Flipkart is not really surprising as the e-retailer exclusively carries all Motorola devices in the country. It will be interesting to see whether the Nexus 6 is sold exclusively via Flipkart or it will be available via other channels too. Typically, the Nexus devices are distributed by the manufacturers outside the US, so Motorola is expected to manage the sales of Nexus 6 in the country and given its existing tie-up with Flipkart, it seems plausible that the next Nexus smartphone is going to be exclusive to one retailer, however Motorola could also sell the phone via Play Store as an exception but that is yet to be confirmed.

To remind you, Nexus 6 recently went on pre-order in the US and was sold out within minutes. The shipping is expected to begin later this month. We hope to hear about the India release of the phone in the coming weeks but given the actual availability of the phone is still far in the US, don’t expect the India launch to be anytime soon.

In related news, the Nexus 9 is rumoured to be released in the country on November 12 and as per the Google Play’s ‘coming soon’ listings, the tablet will be priced starting INR 28,900.

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  1. It says black colour. There are only 2 colours announced in the US for now.. so my best guess is that this ones an India specific one with the 4g band support.. Hope they price it right now. Fingers crossed


  2. One of my friend from google india told me it will be priced around 42,500/- for 32 gb variant and only black colour will be available at launch which is around 15th November.
    64gb model along with white colour will be available in mid December.


  3. 41999 Rs would be the price point, i guess. And Nexus is no more about affordability. Look at the hardware. Top Notch. It is still under 42K. Most of Top Phones are above 50K.


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