Google updates Play Books app with improved non-fiction reading experience

Google Play Books Skim ModeWhile reading fiction on e-book readers is pretty straightforward (start to finish), it might not always be the case with non-fiction and Google understands that. Google has released an update for its Play Books app on Android to make reading experience better for non-fiction.

“Traditional e-book reading is great when you want to read books from start to finish—but what if you want to skim through recipes; jump between questions and answers, researching a topic; or read chapters out of order? Today we’re launching a new version of the Google Play Books app for Android phones and tablets with a redesigned reading experience that’s optimized for nonfiction books,” Scott Dougall, director of product management for Google Play Books, wrote in a blog post.

According to Google, the updated Play Books app makes it easier to skim though a book or browse your notes and highlights or quickly jump back and forth between different parts of the book. It is also better for the students, who read their text books on Play Books app.

The update app is rolling out now and will reach your Android device in the next few days.Google Play Books update


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