Google updates Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides & Camera apps with Material Design

Material Design update for Google AppsAs we head closer to the roll-out of Android 5.0 for Nexus devices, Google has released updates for a number of its Android applications in Play Store on Wednesday. Most of these updates bring the new Material Design elements to the apps and bug-fixes. Don’t expect any major revamps, as the design changes seem to be limited the typography, icons and colours.

The Google applications, which are receiving the Material Design update, are Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides and Camera (as well as Play Movies & TV, more on this later in the report).

As the application updates are released in phases, these app updates will reach your Android devices in the next few days.

Google Play Movies & TV app gets ready for second-screen experience

Along with the aforementioned apps, Google’s Play Movies and TV application has also received the Material Design update but the change-log is bigger than the design tweaks.

According to Android team, the Play Movies and TV app is now ready to be your second-screen when you use it to cast a video using the app on your HDTV.

“Now when you cast your favorite movie or show to your TV using Chromecast or the new Nexus Player, you’ll get actor or soundtrack cards on your phone or tablet while you are watching, with extra information about what’s playing on screen,” wrote Ben Serridge, senior product manager for Google Play Movies & TV, in a blog post.Play Movies Second Screen

It is important to note here that second-screen experience will not be available for all movies or TV shows. Look for Info Cards badge on the Google Play store to find movies and TV shows that offer this feature.

The updated Google Play Movies and TV app will roll-out over the coming week like other Google applications.

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