Nextbit introduces Baton, a sync solution for the connected world

Nextbit BatonSan Francisco-based startup Nextbit on Monday introduced its first product in the form of Baton at the Code/Mobile conference. Baton is a type of data-sync solution, which will allow the consumers to keep the entire collection of their mobile apps and data, including the state of applications, always accessible and functional on virtually any device.

“Whether I’m reading an article, playing a game, or buying something online, everything comes to a halt if I want to switch devices. Until now, there hasn’t been a good way to pick up a tablet at the same place you left off on your smartphone. Our mobile activities shouldn’t just be available on a per device basis. That’s why Nextbit is building a future that focuses on the experiences, not the device,” noted Tom Moss, Nextbit CEO, in a statement.

Baton is currently available in private beta and offers three basic features – sync, pass and backup/ restore. While Sync keeps the applications and their data in the same state across devices, Pass will allow the users to send any open app in the same state to another device. It is like passing the baton in a relay race, thus the name of the service. Backup & Restore works same as the name suggests, it keeps all of the apps and their data backed up in the cloud, which can be restored on any device.

The private beta of Baton will be exclusive to CyanogenMod and if you use this after-market firmware on two of the four compatible devices (Nexus 5, 7 (2012, 2013) & OnePlus One), you can head over to to register for the private beta. The public version of Baton will be released later this year on the commercial version of CyanogenMod.

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