Google teases Android 5.0, could to be called ‘Lollipop’

Hours before the rumoured debut of Android L later today, Google has published a video teaser of this upcoming Android version. The teaser confirms that the next Android version will indeed be called Android 5.0 but the exact codename still remains unofficial.

The Android L teaser shows Google auditioning L-named sweet treats for the codename for Android 5.0 and the likes of Lemon Meringue Pie, Lava Cake, Lemon Drop, and Ladyfinger are shown, but the frequently rumoured Lollipop is surprisingly (intentionally?) absent.

In related news, a seemingly credible leak has given evidence in support of Lollipop being the codename for Android 5.0 release. A screenshot posted in Chromium issue tracker shows the Lollipop as the Android L debug icon in the status bar. While this is compelling evidence but it is important to remember here that we had seen such debug icons for Key Lime Pie too before Android 4.4 launch and the final codename of 4.4 turned out to be KitKat. Android developers tend to choose a popular codename name for internal use but the actual and final release name is decided by top executives and is only known to select few before the official launch. So, we will have to wait until later today to get a final confirmation on Android 5.0 release name.Lollipop debug icon


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