HTC to launch One M8 Eye with 5.2-inch FHD display in coming months

HTC LogoHTC is reportedly planning to launch a new variant of its One M8 smartphone in the coming months. According to reports from @LlabTooFeR and @upleaks, codenamed M8 Eye, this smartphone will feature almost the same specifications as One M8 but there will be a few differences.

M8 Eye will reportedly come with a 5.2-inch Full HD display unlike M8, which packs a 5-inch FHD display and the former will include a 13MP Duo camera without any Ultrapixel technology. This could be the same arrangement that is present on HTC’s Butterfly 2.

Among other details, the M8 Eye will pack Android 4.4.4 with Sense 6.0 and Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor.

@upleaks also notes that HTC One M8 Eye is will only be released in China and India, which is quite interesting as M8 Eye could turn out to be decent competitor to the newly launched Xperia Z3.

We hope to get more details in the coming days.

PS: M8 Eye is different from HTC’s rumoured Selfie phone “Eye.”

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