Xiaomi suspends Mi 3 sales in India to focus on Redmi 1S

Xiaomi Mi sale closedIn a surprising move, Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has suspended the sale of Mi 3 smartphone in India. The company notes that it is doing this to focus on the newly launched Redmi 1S smartphone, which will go on sale on September 2 in the country.

Xiaomi Mi 3 has been quite popular among the consumers and the last flash sale from the company had 200,000 registrations to purchase the available 20,000 units. So, it seems weird why the company would want to stop selling a smartphone that is so much in demand.

In a statement to BGR India, the company noted that it will be directing its attention to Redmi 1S for some weeks and will then take a call on Mi 3 sale. So, there is no confirmation on when the smartphone will be back.

“We are focusing on Redmi 1S for coming few weeks. We will take a call on Mi 3 post that. Please do stay tuned to our Facebook page for more information,” said Manu Jain, GM, Xiaomi India.

According to Xiaomi, it has sold 95,000 units till date in the country in a total of six flash sales with the last sale ending in just 2.4 seconds. If you plan to purchase the smartphone, you will have to wait for at least two – three weeks and as always, we will let you know as soon as we hear something concrete.

In related news, registrations for the first Redmi 1S sale are now open at Flipkart.com.

Thanks Eric for the tip


  1. There is a saying in sales and marketting, client is God..ie. treat him with repsect.. seeing the respect the registered would be buyers rec’d in all the flash sales..I for one have been avoiding this phone and flipkart like plague…Food for thought..a company who treats your hard earned money in this fashion..how would they treat you after you have bought their product…


    • Another line of thought:
      Idle capacity, Excessive supply which leads to unsold inventory etc will be costly and will cause significant overhead cost in the company’s operations. It seems, Xiaomi is measuring the demand and adjusting the capacity accordingly to keep the cost low. Also, it goes mostly with Social media based marketing and not traditional media. Both these are differentiating factors which lead to significant cost reduction. Xiaomi is passing on this benefit to the Customers, (God as you mention). Some may be annoyed by this approach and some may be happy that they get more value for money.


      • Maybe they were just ‘clearing their loft of MI3’s in India’ to make way for the next iteration & we all got suckered 😦


      • They could have done that in a single sale, if that was the strategy. Having idle inventory has costs associated.


      • Of course the next time i earning my money with my sweat and hardwork.. i will definitely keep the poor corporates overhead cost factor in mind..after all they deserve not only my money but also need to treat me as a pariah as well..


  2. They r now sounding like politicians who have whom an election, I can understand they are feeling happy. One cant begrudge them that but they also sound v arrogant & cocky and the Indian customer will remember that for a long time especially the way you have treated them.


  3. Xiaomi MI3 is a great package and its sad that it is notbsold anymore..the company does not realize the potential..people who got this phone are selling it in black for more price


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