XOLO to offer Android 4.4 update for Q1200, Q900s, A500 Club, A600, A550s IPS

XOLO logoXOLO has announced that it will be rolling out Android 4.4 KitKat update for five more of its Android smartphones. These phones are Q1200, Q900s, A500 Club, A600, A550s IPS.

The company is already in the final stages of finishing up the last promised set of KitKat updates for Q700S, Q1010i, Q1010 & Q3000 smartphones.

“XOLO has been proactive in releasing Android updates across devices in all price range. Thanks to the dedicated engineering team who has been continuously working with the chipset manufacturers to ensure users gets the best software support,” XOLO noted in a press release.

The smartphone maker has not given any time-frame for the latest roll-out but the updates should be arriving in the coming weeks. To remind you, Android 4.4 KitKat updates includes improved lock-screen with music controls, updated Hangouts app, immersive mode, Emojis support on Google Keyboard, easy home-screen switching, new camera features and more.

To remind you, the XOLO software update are normally rolled-out over-the-air or are available as a direct download from the company website. To look for the KitKat update for your smartphone, check out XOLO support website in the coming weeks.


  1. Say what you will about Xolo and their pedigree (or lack thereof), but to give the devil their due, they do make it a point to release at least one update for most of their devices, even the fairly inexpensive entry level ones.

    Now that’s definitely more than what you could say about not only their other
    Indo-Chinese brethren like MMX, Karbonn etc. but also the MNC brands
    like SS, LG, HTC etc, which is a shame. The 550s for instance, costs only around Rs. 5500 and it’s unthinkable that *any* brand, whatever be their pedigree, will update something so inexpensive! I doubt whether even Motorola will update a 5K phone if they were to release one. They still haven’t announced anything for the 7K Moto E till now.

    So credit where it’s due – kudos Lava, for doing the right thing and giving your customers what they deserve.


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