LG teases circular smartwatch, to be unveiled at IFA

LG G Watch RLooks like the recent rumour about LG’s impending smartwatch launch was true after all. The company has now started teasing a new smartwatch, which will be round like Moto 360. Set of be announced at IFA trade fair in Berlin next week, this smartwatch will reportedly be dubbed as G Watch R but the branding is yet to be officially confirmed.

No specifications are known at this point about the watch, however it is likely to run on Android Wear and will include the usual specs like 512MB of RAM, dual-core processor, water/ dust resistance, and Bluetooth 4.0. Among other details, the teaser suggests that the smartwatch display could be fully circular and use the entire screen real-estate unlike Moto 360, which sports black bar at the bottom of the display

There is no word on whether G Watch R will have steel frame or it will be plastic like its predecessor. A lot of details are a mystery, so all we can do right now is speculate but we won’t have to wait for much long.

LG isn’t the only manufacturer coming with a new Android Wear device at IFA, Asus is also releasing its first Android wearable at the trade fair but it will be square in shape.

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