Xiaomi to reveal Redmi 1S India release details next week

Xiaomi Redmi 1S inviteXiaomi has started sending out invites for two events to the tech press in India, where it is expected to reveal details about availability of Redmi 1S smartphone in India. The company is hosting the first event in Bangalore on August 25, where its India office is situated, and the second event will be happening in New Delhi on August 26.

It is very likely that Redmi 1S release details will become clear on August 25 itself. We already know the pricing of the smartphone – INR 6,999.

To remind you, Xiaomi Redmi 1S features a 4.7-inch 720p HD display, 1.6GHz quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage, microSD card slot and 2000 mAh battery. The phone also packs 8MP rear camera, 1.6MP front camera and Android 4.3-based MIUI v5.

The Redmi 1S will be competing with the Zenfone 4 A450CG, and Moto E, both of which get left behind on the specs front but are still great smartphone. Will you be purchasing the Redmi 1S? Do let us know in comments.


  1. This simultaneous availability of the ZenFone 4.5 and the Redmi 1S is great news for people with a 5-10K budget, but it’s sure to confuse the cr@p out of most buyers in the segment LOL.

    Whether go with the more established brands in Asus/Motorola or just go with Xiaomi and get the best possible specs money can buy for under 10K. If you decide on the later, then there’s the question of availability just like the Mi3, as Xiaomi is likely to continue on with the flash sale strategy that’s created so much free publicity for them.

    On the other hand, if you decide to go with an established brand name, and sacrifice a bit on specs, you’re left to decide between the higher specced x86 (incompatible with games like Modern Combat 3 etc.) or the lower specced Moto E, which will be compatible with pretty much everything on account of it’s ARM SoC, but will be significantly under-performing the ZF4.5 in both synthetic benchmarks and real world apps, multitasking, gaming, etc. not to mention the pitiful rear camera without variable focus, smaller aperture (f/4.0 vs f/2.0 in the ZF 4.5), unavailability of HD recording, and a complete lack of video calling options on account of the missing webcam.

    Don’t know about the country at large, but at least in the world of budget mobile phones, without a trace of doubt achhe din aanewale hai LMFAO!


    • finally what do you conclude brother….xiaomi redmi 1s (or) zenfone 4.5?which is best?for heavy gaming and for heavy usage?


      • Depends on the individual IMO. Both are stellar devices in their own right and if I was in the market for a deice in this price range, I’d get the one that’s cheaper even by Rs 500. The problem is, they’re priced identically as of now!

        Here’s what I’ll say – if you’re a brand snob, the Asus brand has to be so much more appealing than Xiaomi. However for a tech buff, Xiaomi is a cool, up and coming new brand and the 1s wins the spec war hands down.

        This isn’t going to be an easy decision to make for any one, I don’t think. To each their own, I suppose, but you can’t actually go wrong with either, the way I see it. So go with the one your heart really wants. 🙂

        The only thing I’ll say is that the Moto E doesn’t make as much sense at 7K as it did at launch IMO.


      • i know the specifications but i am really confused between these two mobile so i want some suggestions……i want mobile for gaming for heavy gaming and for heavy use so i am asking you which one would be better for me to go…….please help me which mobile do you think handles better….which one do you think handles heavy games and usage without lags…..i can’t do risks because i don’t know much about mobiles……..i need your help so i am asking….?


      • Hi Raghu, ultimately it’s your money, so you’ll have to take the final call. I’m loathe to recommending things to others, that I haven’t used myself.

        But I’ll tell you this though, whichever phone you buy, you’re highly unlikely to make a mistake. Both the phones are actually great for the price (at least on paper), and you’re not going to make a mistake by buying either IMO.

        But since you insist, I’ll tell tell you this – the Xiaomi sounds fantastic if you live in one of the cities where Xiaomi has a service center. Here’s the official pdf link for their official service centers. Hope you find it useful – http://s1.mi.com/zt/in/IndiaServicecenterlocations_v.pdf

        If however you live in an area without a Xiaomi service center, the ZF 4.5 is definitely the way to go IMO, provided Asus has a service center there. (They most probably will in most places, seeing as their laptop and PC parts business is so all pervasive).

        I’ll further ask you to wait a little bit longer and check out the obvious ZF 4.5 vs. Redmi 1S (vs. Moto E) comparisons that are sure to pop up all over the web seeing as most people will be as confused as you are, given the great specs with identical pricing.

        Also, you should check out the comparison videos on You Tube, especially by a guy called GeekyRanjeet from Tech2Buzz dot com if he happens to upload one. He’s far from perfect, but will give you an idea.


  2. finally what do you conclude brother….xiaomi redmi 1s (or) zenfone 4.5?which is best?for heavy gaming and for heavy usage?


  3. My opinion s Redmi 1s s best coz it ve a 720p ips display bt asus has a tft fwvga display!
    Moreover its better than moto g also oops price wise!


  4. This is going to create another dog fight & it’s going to worser than the mi3 sell outs! Xiaomi will meet their numbers, but their brand is getting damaged!


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