Flipkart selling last stocks of Moto G ahead of G2 launch

Moto G last stock IndiaFlipkart has stated that it is selling the last stocks of Moto G smartphone and it will no longer be available for sale on the website. Only the 16GB version of the phone, which retails for INR 11,999, is currently available and 8GB version is already out of stock.

With impending announcement of the Moto G successor (expected to be called Moto G2) on September 5 in India, this move is hardly surprising but confirms that G2 will most probably go on sale in India immediately or within days of the official unveiling.

Moto G has been quite popular in the country but with launch of phones like Zenfone 5, it had started looking under-powered despite still being a great value of money device. An upgraded model at this point will surely help Motorola in regaining the consumers, who are heading over to other smartphones because of features like better camera or presence of a microSD card slot, both of which are expected to be a part of Moto G2.

According to rumours, Moto G successor will come with a 5-inch 720p HD display, quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor, 8MP rear camera, 2MP front camera and Android 4.4.4. The phone will also include 8/ 16GB of internal storage, microSD card slot, 4G LTE support and the usual set of connectivity options.

There is no word on the pricing of G2 but we will know that pretty soon. It is very likely that Moto G2 will launch at the same price-tag (or less) at which Moto G was originally released in India.


  1. moto g may be the first mobile to land here that will be sold out clean even before its successor lands but at the same time carrying the hot seller tag. others need to look and learn,


  2. Sad to hear that it will not sell anymore. I thought to buy this phone on 29 August. But I don’t think it will reamain on stock at that day. Moto G2 is good but out of my budget. I think I should look for the zenphone 5, or the Xiamoi Mi. Well, anyone could suggest me a good smartphone under 15k (should not be micromax, lava or karbon)?


    • The G2 will surely sell at roughly the same price as the original MG – if not cheaper. Forget about all the rubbish in the tech media that says it will be priced at 20K. Maybe in Brazil, but then, prices are extremely high there anyways on account of taxation. In India (and the US), expect it to be priced the same as the first gen MG. If I were you, I’d wait for that. It will start selling from September itself from the look of things.

      Meanwhile, as you yourself pointed out, you can always look at the ZF5 and the Mi3 (good luck getting that LOL). No other phone in the 10-20K price range is worth buying IMO, unless you want a Samsung real bad, in which case the GS3 is still a decent choice at around 18K, but I’ll probably look to go with either of the three you yourself mentioned. Cheers. 🙂


      • “P.S. – You said no MMX, Lava, Karbonn, so I assume you’re okay with Celkon, Intex, iBall etc.? LOL! :-P”

        No. Not even in my dreams. xD

        Well, as you said and I hope that what you said are true, then I am definetely wait for the moto G2.
        Yeah ZF5 and Mi3 these two sets are just vanisihing from stock like magic. I don’t think I will get one until 3-4 moths. LOL.



      • samsung used to be good some 4yrs ago then they went downhill. grand quattro, grand neo, ace xyz, core, all these have low performing processor. whereas Motorola was giving Snapdragon quadcore Cortex A7 Samsung either went for quadcore Cortex A5 and now switched to Marvell & Spreadtrum as Broadcom has pulled itself out of mobile processor business. Secondly they mostly offer WVGA resolution even for 15k mobiles and that too on 5″ screen. Lastly touchwiz is bloatware. S & Note series may be able to handle the extra bloat but not the mid and lowend series usually starting to lag after a month of usage.
        By december you’ll have Mi4.


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