Google Voice Search now supports Hindi on Android

After bringing support for Indian accents in English language and Maps in Hindi, Google has silently started rolling-out support for Hindi in Voice Search on Android.  We just noticed the presence of Hindi in Voice search languages on Android and it seems to be working quite nicely but given the lack of adequete Hindi search results, sometime it falters in providing relevant information.

To use Hindi as the voice-search language, all you have to do is go to Google Settings on your Android phone, select Search and Now > Voice > Language and select Hindi (Bharat).  The functionality is still limited to just understanding your Hindi input and then giving search results, the speech output is still in English and there is no “Ok Google” hotword support for Hindi users.

If you don’t see Hindi language option on your Android phone, it will probably arrive in the next couple of weeks.

This is a big development from Google for Indic language support and it was first hinted by the search giant at the press event for Indian accept support announcement.

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