Alleged specs of Moto G successor detailed, to include 5-inch HD display

Motorola XT1063 specsA recent leak had revealed that Motorola’s Moto G successor will carry the XT1068 (dual-SIM), XT1063 (single-SIM) and XT1069 (dual-SIM + digital TV) model numbers and now the XT1063 variant of the phone has appeared in GFXbench database, outing some key specifications of the phone.

As per GFXbench listing, Moto G2 will come with 5-inch 1280x720p HD display, 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, and 8GB of internal storage (a 16GB variant is also expected). The phone will also pack 8MP rear camera, 2MP front camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. Moto G2 will run on Android 4.4.4.

These specifications are in line with the first leak, which had revealed select specifications of the phone.

There is still no word on the pricing or availability of the smartphone but it seems possible that Motorola will introduce the phone in Q3 or early-Q4.


  1. Why a spurious message appears when I open
    Sorry not a related query for this article, but the pop up is annoying!


  2. So basically the exact same phone as the first generation Moto G with a bigger screen and higher res cam, but still no 1080p video for some reason, even though the MSM 8226 does support it.

    Something tells me this is either the Moto E successor to be priced at around $129 or if it indeed is the MG2, it will be priced lower at around $149. Or at least I’d hope so anyways. 🙂

    Depending on pricing and release schedule, could easily be the single largest selling smartphone in the emerging markets this year (certainly India) when released. Bring it on. 🙂


  3. the recent leaks has shown Motorola is working on upto 6 mobiles. so i won’t straightway call it Moto G successor but rather a Moto G phablet (not G2 phablet), something like G XL aimed at sub 10k pricing to tackle the likes of Zenfone 4 & 5. whereas another mobile with 4.7″ HD screen with S410, 2GB ram, 16GB or more internal space & 4G support out of the box. all these around the 190-200$ mark so it doesn’t cross the sweet spot of 15k.
    There is a big market for phablets so Motorola sticking to sub 5″ doesn’t make a lot of sense (and not going hyper and launching a 5.9″ slab too). if they can stick a 5″ screen in a casing not bigger than the one used in Moto G, this will be a welcome change as it’ll still allow usage with a single hand.


    • Yes, when we open the website on mobile device using Chrome browswer there is pop-up saying your phone is slow and when u click ok/cancel in both the cases there is apk file that gets downloaded. Seems like a virus.


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