Xiaomi releases India theme in MIUI Theme Store ahead of July 15 launch

MIUI India themeAhead of the July 15 launch of Mi 3 (and possibly other devices) in the Indian market, Xiaomi has released the India theme in MIUI Theme Store. The theme is now available for the users of MIUI devices worldwide and marks the official entry of Xiaomi in the country.

The theme highlights various Indian landmarks in wallpapers as well as uses the national and cultural symbols in the icons.

To remind you, Xiaomi is hosting a press event in New Delhi tomorrow i.e. July 15 to detail the India entry of the company. The event will be attended by Xiaomi co-founder Bin Lin, Xiaomi Global VP Hugo Barra and India head Manu Kumar Jain.

The first Xiaomi smartphone to on sale in India is already confirmed to be Mi 3, which has been priced at INR 14,999 in the country. It (along with other Xiaomi smartphones) will most likely be exclusively available via e-retailer Flipkart.

As always, we will be bringing you all the details tomorrow. Till then check out a video promo of Mi 3 and some screenshots from India theme.


    • The Mi4 is going to be priced at a significant premium to the Mi3. It might also take a little while coming to India. In any case, the performance levels between the Snapdragon 800 and 801 are not going to be significantly different.

      It makes sense to buy the Mi3 now if you’re really in the market for a new sub-25K phone and don’t care for 4G LTE, but if you’re not in a tearing hurry, it makes sense to wait – not for the Mi4 – but for next year when the 64 bit Snapdragon 810 chips are gonna drop.

      Again just to reiterate, waiting for the Mi4 is the absolute worst thing you can do IMO. Get the Mi3 now or wait for next year.


      • How is the performance of Mediatek MT6592 which is used in redmi note? 5.5″ screen size is tempting!


      • Dont go for anything MediaTek.
        Octo core processor means nothing when individual core performance is bad.


      • sotrue mediatek has lower performance even with octacore compared to dual core or quad of other brands..


      • You’re right, it indeed is ridiculously tempting seeing as it’s been priced at under 10K!. Especially for people like me with gorilla hands LOL anything less than a 5 incher minimum, seems like a puny toy. 😛

        I’m in the exact same boat as you are, looking for something under 10K to upgrade from an Optimus One P500. Obviously as things stand now, it comes down to a straight fight between the Redmi Note and the Asus ZF5, both costing exactly the same.

        I wish the Note had the same Snapdragon 400 from the Redmi 1s and then the choice would have been so much easier, but since that’s not the case, it will come down to personal preference.

        On the performance front, the MTK octa won’t obviously be winning any duals with an equally clocked Snapdragon 400 quad for single threaded performance, but multthreaded apps will see an edge. However since most apps aren’t multi-threaded anyways, it’s mostly immeterial.

        However, for under 10K, the octa will still have an extremely decent price performance ratio, so as long as you trust Xiaomi’s after sales, and like the feel of a 5.5″ (like me), I think the Redmi Note will make a very decent investment IMO.

        For me, it comes down to how much I can trust Xiaomi – a four year old Chinese company, as opposed to Lenovo, Huawei or Haier which are well established Chinese brands.

        Tough choice. I’ll have to really think long and hard now before deciding now that they’ve made things so difficult with their super-aggressive pricing!


      • Wow I too had an optimus 1 for over 2 years (still with Dad for 18 months & working Fine!) – That was a solid phone!

        currently with ascend g600 for 18 months – giving troubles!

        now looking for some thing 5+ inch screens!


      • i think u r right cuz mi4 at xiaomiworld is listed at 599$ so it would be atleast 500$+ after some months and then Xioami will launch it in china first and may take a lot of time for an Inidan Market launch…mi-3 for now


  1. Xiaomi & Asus have NOT displayed the list of service centers n India. Is that an indication that they take customer here for granted. Kuch bi bikta hai idar!!!!!


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