Flipkart teases Xiaomi Mi 3 release, confirms exclusivity

Xiaomi Mi 3Looks like Flipkart will indeed be carrying Xiaomi smartphones in the Indian market. The e-retailer on Sunday started teasing the arrival of a new smartphone in its store, which look a lot like Xiaomi’s Mi 3 and even the tag-line used by the company to promote the phone is same as the tagline of the Xiaomi smartphone – Accelerate your life (check out the teaser later in the post).

The Flipkart teaser also notes that the smartphone will be exclusively selling on the website, which confirms the previous report that had suggested that Xiaomi will be partnering Flipkart to exclusively retail its devices in the country.

Although Xiaomi has officially revealed the price of Mi 3 (INR 14,999), other details like availability information and more are still are mystery. The company is holding a press event in New Delhi on July 15, where we hope to get more clarity.


Update: Another teaser

In related news, Xiaomi recently started hinting at the unveiling of more than one smartphone at the July 15 event. A teaser posted by the company on its social media channels suggests that we could see the launch of Redmi/ Redmi 1S and Redmi Note along with Mi 3.

To remind you, Mi 3 is the current flagship smartphone of the company, although it won’t be for long as Xiaomi is getting ready to introduce Mi 4 on July 22 in China. Mi 3 features a 5-inch full HD display, Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, 13MP rear camera and MIUI.


  1. I think this is a good decision by Xiaomi.
    Flipkart already became very popular and the exclusivity of Moto E/G/X and huge sales proved that. It would have been a bit worry for most people had Xiaomi themselves handled the sales being a new entrant.

    Hopefully Xiaomi will release Redmi 1S (SD 400 processor) instead of Redmi 1 (Mediatek processor) in India.


  2. zenfone 5 is looking better under 15,000 since xiaomi mi3 16gb does not have sd card. Even if it has s800 and 1080p app size is more on 1080p than 720p leading to less space. If people dont mind living without sd card then xiaomi mi3 is perfect or else zenfone 5 16gb is the king under 15,000.

    If they launch 64gb version under 20,000 then other phones are in big trouble


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