Google updates Gmail and Camera apps to include new features

Insert From Drive on Gmail for AndroidLike all Wednesdays, Google yesterday started rolling out new updates for some of its applications in Google Play. The Google applications, which received major updates includ Gmail and Google Camera.

The new versions of both apps are now being released in a phased-manner and will reach your Android devices over the next few days.

Talking about Gmail for Android update first, the application now includes the new “Insert from Drive” option for file attachments as well as improved autocomplete suggestions for contacts.

“It’s now easier for you to share files with friends and family—simply insert Google Drive files directly into your Gmail messages on your Android phone or tablet. If the file isn’t shared with the person you’re sending it to, you’ll get the option to change your sharing settings before you send it. And you’ll notice improved autocomplete suggestions for your contacts when composing messages—just start typing in the To, Cc or Bcc field to see better suggestions, faster,” Gmail team explained in a Google+ post.

Coming to Google Camera update, the app includes an Android Wear companion app, which acts as a remote for your phone’s camera.

According to folks at Droid Life, while your smartwatch won’t act as a remote viewfinder, you can tap on your watch to take a picture, see a countdown, and can then preview the image on the watch.Google Camera Remote

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