Google to showcase next Android version later today: Report

Leaked Android logo
Leaked new Android logo

Google will take the wraps off its next Android version at Google I/O later today rather than waiting for the fall when it has traditionally introduced the major Android releases, reports Bloomberg.

As per the publication, Google’s Sundar Pichai wants the world to know what has been going on the Android front. “I want the world to understand what we are doing sooner,” Pichai told Brad Stone of Bloomberg.

The exact version name of the release is unclear right now but it will most probably be dubbed as Android 5.0 and will carry Lollypop or Lemonhead as the codename.

The Android 5.0 is likely to be showcased at the keynote speech, which is scheduled for 9:00AM PDT (09:30PM IST) on June 25. It is possible that Google will just give us a sneek peek at the new Android version and not release it until later this year like Apple does with iOS.

In addition to Android 5.0, Google will also be talking about Android Wear and Android TV efforts at the keynote and will announce new Wear partners.  As per previous rumours, Samsung is also expected to showcase its first Android Wear smartwatch at the event but it is unclear whether it will appear in the keynote speech.

Android TV is going to be the company’s third attempt in capturing the living room. The first attempt – Google TV – was a complete disaster. The second attempt – Chromecast – is decently successful but provides limited feature-set. Google want to improve on that with Android TV, which will allow the users to watch online content, play games, and run Android apps on their HDTVs.

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