Google announces Android One program for budget smartphones

Android One PartnersGoogle on Wednesday took the wraps of its new Android One turnkey solution for budget Android smartphones.

According to the company, it aims to help the manufacturers build better and cheaper smartphones without spending money on research & design. Instead of designing devices themselves, the Android One partners with be getting smartphone designs and software directly from Google. The search giant will also be providing a list of pre-approved core-components and vendors.

“We’re working with partners on a comprehensive solution—which includes hardware reference platforms—to address the mobile computing needs of those in emerging markets. Android One will provide smartphones that are high quality, affordable and come with reasonable data plans,” Google explained in a blog post.

The Android One phones will come with stock Android, localised applications from Google Play and automatic Android updates directly from Google. No more running around the manufacturers to get the Android version updates.

Google noted that it has partnered with Indian smartphone vendors Micromax, Spice and Karbonn to bring the first Android One smartphones. These phones will be released in the country this fall and will carry price-tag around $100. Other countries will follow later.

Android boss Sundar Pichai also gave us a peek at the upcoming first Micromax Android One smartphone, which will pack a 4.5-inch display, FM Radio, Dual-SIM support and SD card slot.

Google is hoping that Android One initiative will further drive the Android smartphone adoption in the emerging markets like India.Android One Phone


  1. Honestly I never consider suggesting above brands to my friends, but they got my attention. Good Job Google and its Partners


  2. Wow cool info! feels good Indian brands are supporting all Android, Microsoft, Firefox! & these brands are also supporting in turn… will good if these Indian brands come up with their own manufacturing, better quality check & better after sales service! Looking forward for this!!


  3. Android Silver project to compete in premium segment & Android One in budget segment….super strategy by Google to increase its market share!


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