Samsung to launch first Android Wear smartwatch next week

Samsung Gear 2 Neo
Samsung’s Tizen-based Gear 2 Neo smartwatch

After LG and Motorola, Samsung is set to become the third manufacturer to unveil an Android Wear smartwatch. According to a report in CNET, the Korean manufacturer is ready to introduce its first Android Wear smartwatch at Google I/O developer conference next week.

CNET states that this smartwatch will build on the company’s existing Gear 2 Neo and Galaxy Gear devices. The company has reportedly been working on two versions of this smartwatch, one with its own Exynos chip and other with Qualcomm processor, however it is unclear which of the two versions will make it to the stage at I/O.

This impending Android Wear device announcement from Samsung is hardly surprising, given that Samsung has been on the forefront on wearables among the Android manufacturers and the company was also listed in the Initial Android Wear partners.

Samsung has not officially confirmed the debut of its Android Wear smartwatch at Google’s developer event but the company told CNET in a statement that it is committed to relentless innovation and new products are always in development.

Apart from Samsung, we could also see LG and Motorola showcase their own Android Wear devices at I/O, which although officially announced are yet to get a pricing or availability information.

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