KitKat now on 13.6pc of Android devices

 Android numbers for June 2014

Joins Jelly Bean and Gingerbread in top three Android versions

Google has released the latest Android platform data and as you can expect, there are no surprises. KitKat has continued growing swiftly and is now present on a 13.6 percent of the active Android devices.  It has overtaken Ice Cream Sandwich to become the third biggest Android version.

Among other versions, Jelly Bean still remains the most used Android version with presence on 58.4 percent of the devices, followed by Gingerbread on 14.9 percent.  Froyo is present on just 0.8 percent of devices and Honeycomb’s market share has fallen below 0.1 percent, thus it is no longer included in the Android platform statistics.

Here is a look at what has changed from last month:

Froyo: Down to 0.8 percent from 1 percent

Gingerbread: Down to 14.9 percent from 16.2 percent

Ice Cream Sandwich: Down to 12.3 percent from 13.4 percent

Jelly Bean: Down to 58.4 percent from 60.8 percent

KitKat: Up to 13.6 percent from 8.5 percent

You can check out the history of Android version distribution, since Google has been publically publishing the data, at this link.

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