LG G Watch system dump emerges, reveals alleged new Android logo

Leaked Android logo
Leaked Android logo

An alleged system dump of the LG’s upcoming Android Wear-powered G Watch has appeared online. Shared by Twitter user @upleaks, this dump has revealed quite a few interesting details including what could the new Android logo (image above).

Coming to the details, first up is the boot animation of G Watch. It is unclear if the leaked boot animation, which has been extracted from the system dump, is a generic Android Wear boot animation or LG G Watch-specific. Given the fact that G Watch is an Android Wear reference smartwatch (like a Nexus for smartwatches), the boot animation is more likely to be the generic Android Wear animation.

This animation has also revealed the Android branding in a new font (video below). It could a new Android word mark or something else, we can’t be certain until an official announcement.

Among other revelations from the leaked system dump, a set of watch-faces, status cards and background have been leaked. You can check out the watch-faces and some of the status cards as well as background below. Want more, the full system dump is available at this link.



Status cards:




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