Several Moto G units rendered useless after IMEI issue (Update: Fix available for some)

Moto G Box Update (June 4): Motorola has announced that the Moto G units with IMEI nos starting with 3533 have been registered with telecom operators and can now be used by the consumers. If your Moto G IMEI number starts with something else and was affected by the IMEI issue, chances are that a fix is coming soon.

Here is the full statement:

“?#?MotoG update: We wanted to let you know that we now have #MotoG devices with IMEI nos starting with 3533 registered with ALL network operators. All impacted customers can now activate your phones immediately. Once again apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and faith in Motorola!”

Earlier (June 1): Motorola has announced that it has discovered an issue with the Moto G dual-SIM version sold in the Indian market, which might be causing network issues on your newly bought phone.

According to the company, some of the recently sold Moto G smartphones have been shipped with IMEI numbers, which are not yet registered with the Indian telecom operators and as the carriers don’t recognise these IMEIs, they don’t let the phones connect to their networks, thus leaving them essentially useless.

If you have been facing such issues with your new Moto G, chances are that e-retailer Flipkart, which exclusively retails Motorola phones in India, would have sent you an e-mail explaining the issue. The retailer is also offering INR 1200 wallet credit to all the affected consumers for the inconvenience, who have the option to wait for a fix or get the faulty unit replaced with a functioning one or return the faulty phone for a full refund.

If you want to wait for a fix, Motorola has stated that it is working round the clock to fix this and your phone will soon start working properly.

Here is the full statement from Motorola:

“Dear #MotoG customers, we’ve uncovered an activation problem with some #MotoG devices sold in India as they have been shipped with IMEI numbers that are not yet registered with carriers. If you have recently purchased a Moto G and have network connectivity problems this may apply to you. This is due to a programming error from our end and we owe you a big apology.  We are working around the clock to resolve this. If you are impacted, we’ve sent you an email via Flipkart to explain everything and what we’re doing to make it right.”

What is International Mobile Station Equipment Identity aka IMEI?

IMEI is a unique number associated with every GSM, UMTS, LTE and iDEN mobile phone. It is used by the GSM networks to identify valid devices. Every IMEI number needs to be present in whitelist of a network operator for it to work on that carrier. If your phone’s IMEI number is not registered with a particular telecom operator (or is blacklisted), you won’t able to use your phone on that operator.

In the latest case, the IMEI numbers of some of the recently sold Moto G units in India haven’t been registered with any telecom operator in the country.


  1. How does this work ? When we bring some phone back from US or Canada, is the IMEI already registered with telcos here ? Because there is no network issue on those phones.


      • Hi Satish, even im facing the same problem with my new Moto E. When im on call, it gets disconnected automatically and sometimes not able to dial a number. My IMEI number starts with 3592…..


  2. I didn’t understand actually. Wht does Motorola do with the moto g now to fix the issue.. I mean do they release a software patch to get out of this issue or somewhat else as motorola didn’t mention here anything about the fix. Pls let me understand Mr. Gaurav..


  3. this problem is not only in India where in the US and I have trouble every day trying to make a connection without using Wi-Fias it is not secure please work on this problem quickly thank you from a moto G customer


  4. This happened with my imported DroidMINI too.. I have imported DroidMAXX and DroidMINI from USA. My MAXX was working without any issues, while MINI fails to catch a signal. Happened to many such friends in a forum and then we collected the data and reported US MOTOROLA CustomerCare. They have failed to register a particular set of IMEI numbers to GSMA, which is then distributed to all telecom operators worldwide. The missing phones originally includes Moto X, Droid MAXX, DroidMINI, DroidULTRA, some Moto G also.

    Since we reported those IMEI numbers on March-April2014, Motorola marked some set of IMEI and re-reported GSMA during Apr-2014. Later Indian operators updated those data and my DroidMINI started working like my DroidMAXX. The time period between Motorola acceptance and my phone started to work is about 15 days.

    Looks like the same problem is now repeating, but I can say confidently that it will be fixed by Motorola within 10 to 15 days. But without a doubt, it will be frustrating for Customers, since they have almost NIL service centre in India now.


  5. I recently purchased a Moto-G phone in March 2014 & by doing some research I discovered that the phone has 2 Sim cards! Does anybody have any info about this? If my phone has 2 Sims I would like to know! Or if I can buy an extra one &install it, where can I get one & how to install it! Thanks


  6. Could you please let me know is it ok to have the handset once the EMEI is registered or is it better to replace the handset


  7. Hi gauvrav,
    till sterday I was facing IMEI issue with mOTOG,tody I am receiving it fine to use the mobile or its better to replace the handset


  8. Mr Gaurav,
    Thanks for the info above but need an advice since am a prospective buyer & am on FK on the payment & then suddenly came across this thread so wanna know should i wait before i buy or should i go ahead with my purchase? urgent


  9. Mr. Gaurav i orderd a Moto G at today.. expected delivery date is 18th june…..will this phone have the network problem or not after updating??

    plzzzz…..its urgent..


  10. I am also facing the issue.My mobile when operator is Airtel,it connects but when it changes to IND Airtel,it gives up and in not-connecting mode for many hours.Please do let me know how to rectify this asap.Its imei no start from 3549…….


  11. Hi Gaurav, im facing the same problem with my new Moto E. When im
    on call, it gets disconnected automatically and sometimes not able to
    dial a number. My IMEI number starts with 3592…..


  12. I am using duel sim i am facing network issue all the time what would be best suggestion i have placed the phone once from flikart.


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