Motorola unveils Moto Stream accessory for $50

Helps you turn any speaker wireless

Moto StreamMotorola has announced the launch of its new Moto Stream accessory today. It allows the consumers to turn their normal speakers into wireless ones, thus letting them stream music from their smartphones, tablets or computers to the speaker without the need of any wired connections.

Moto Stream is small box shaped like an Icosahedron, which connects using a 3.5mm audio cable to your speakers and then lets you stream music over Bluetooth like you would do with any Bluetooth-enabled speaker.

The device comes with 300 feet of range and can be connected to up to 5 Bluetooth devices. It also includes NFC to make the pairing process even simpler. Just tap your NFC-enabled smartphone to your Moto Stream and it gets paired.

“Link five devices simultaneously to any sound system and unite your home setup, without the tangle of wires. Smartphone, tablet, or computer—what you connect and how you use it is totally up to you,” states Motorola.

It has been priced at $49.99 and can be ordered via in the United States today. Moto Stream will also go on sale at Radio Shack stores starting on June 6. There is no word on availability in other countries.

Moto Stream specifications

  • Compatibility: Universal compatibility with smartphones running Android, iOS and Windows
  • Size (height x width x depth): 57mmx60mmx69mm, 100 grams
  • Power: Micro USB wall charger (included)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 3.0 with 300 feet range, NFC (for pairing), 3.5mm audio jack (for connecting to speakers)

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