Secret gets an Android version, now available globally

Secret appAs promised by its creators, the anonymous confession app Secret is now available on Android. Along with its release in Google Play, the app has also gone international and can be downloaded by anyone worldwide.

If you are hearing about Secret for the first time, it is a very simple app, which allows the users to share confessions anonymously. These confessions are first viewable to your friends only (without your identity of-course), who if like a confession, then that confession is viewable to their friends too. In addition, Secret now also shows popular confessions to all users via the Explore tab, more on the Explore tab later.  You can either invite friends manually or let Secret search your contacts to look for users, who are already on Secret.

Originally launched on iOS in January, the app brings some exclusive features to Android like the dual-feed design, which shows the “Friend” feed with confessions from your contacts and an “Explore” feed with popular Secret posts from global users as well as nearby users.

In addition, the developers have made the feeds more interactive. “We’ve added a way to see how many friends you have and a way to respond and ask questions to friends. There will be more surprises on the way,” Secret team wrote in a blog post.

Thanks to its popularity in Silicon Valley, Secret has been in news for being a source of leaks about un-announced products, upcoming M&As etc., however it is not always the best source for news as there are fake posts too like a recent leak about an Apple in-ear headphone.

Quick look at Secret app features

  • Write anything that’s on your mind, free of judgment.
  • Make your words stand out by adding a photo or color backdrop. Customize further with blur, textures, and moods.
  • Comment on your friends’ secrets with a new and unique avatar for each conversation.
  • When friends like your secret, it spreads to their friends. The most interesting secrets can travel around the world.

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