Google Play Store 4.8.19 rolling out now with UI improvements & more

Google Play Store v4.8.19 After announcing the support for PayPal, Google has started rolling out the new Play Store version, which includes the necessary framework for the new payment system to work as well as supporting interface details.

Carrying the version number 4.8.19, the update Google Play device client also comes with overall UI improvements like transparent header to highlight hero image in content listings, tweaks in review box, and bigger buttons at places. Among other tweaks, Google has introduced a new additional information box in the app listings to reveal details like latest version number, upload date, installed size etc. The search giant has also changed the permission screen, which is now more clean and simplified.

“To help make it easier to understand what an app will have access to, the Play Store has recently made improvements to how permissions are displayed. Permissions are organized into permissions groups, easily identified by icons (example: Location Location) to help clarify the most important information and capabilities an app can access on your device. This information can help you make an informed decision more easily on whether you would like to install the app,” explains Google in Play support section.

The Google Play Store 4.8.19 is being released in phases and will reach your Android device over the next few days. To remind you, not all changes might be available in all countries, like PayPal is only supported in 12 countries right now.

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