Google Play gets PayPal support, carrier-billing in new countries

PayPal support in Google PlayAfter years of rumours, Google has finally added PayPal support to Google Play on Thursday. According to search giant, Android users in 12 countries will now be able to pay for their Google Play purchases using PayPal.

“Starting today, we’re making it possible for people to choose PayPal for their Google Play purchases in 12 countries, including the U.S., Germany, and Canada. When you make a purchase on Google Play in these countries, you’ll find PayPal as an option in your Google Wallet; just enter your PayPal account login and you’ll easily be able to make purchases,” wrote Ibrahim Elbouchikhi, Google Play Product Manager in a blog post.

Full list of countries with support for PayPal in Google Play right now: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, United States, United Kingdom.

Google has also stated that PayPal can’t be used to purchase devices or accessories on Google Play right now.

In addition, Google has expanded carrier-billing support to seven new countries including Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan, taking the total supported countries to 24. Carrier billing allows the users to pay for their Google play content purchase as a part of their operator service bill.

Lastly, Google Play gift cards are also now available to a total of 13 countries, including Japan and Germany.

The full list of the new countries getting Google Play gift cards or carrier billing support is unclear right now but we will update the report as soon we know. Until then, go to this link to find out if your country has been the lucky one.

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