Motorola expects to cross 500,000 smartphone sales in India this week

Moto E India launchMotorola has announced that it expects to complete half million smartphones sales in India this week since it re-started its operations in February. Motorola re-entered the country in February this year with the launch of Moto G, which was followed by Moto X in March.

“We have seen tremendous response for Moto G and Moto X and we are confident of crossing the half million units sales mark in the next few days. Moto E, our latest launch, will further fuel the growth that we have seen in Indian market,” Motorola Mobility India General Manager Amit Boni said at the Moto E launch event on Tuesday.

As per our own estimates gathered from the Moto E import data, Motorola has already sold over 55,000 units of Moto E in the country on the first day of launch. The phone is out of stock right now but Flipkart, which is exclusively selling Moto E, is currently taking the reservations with expected delivery in 7 to 10 days. It is possible that Motorola has already crossed the 0.5 million mark, thanks to the strong launch day sales but we can’t be certain until an official confirmation.

This is a quite impressive sales milestone for a company that has been in the Indian market for just over three months with no retail backbone and is only selling phones online via its tie-up with Flipkart.

Image Credit: Motorola


  1. Wish both Flipkart and Motorola had gotten their act together after the Moto G fiasco and straightened things out before the Moto E launch.

    The website still went kaput on launch day and supply is still an issue. Unless they’re trying to create an artificial demand by keeping the phones in short supply, (which I doubt, seeing as these are mass-market low-margin high-volume products), they’re not leaning from past mistakes. 😦


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