Flappy Bird expected to return in August with multiplayer support

Flappy BirdThe sudden hit Flappy Bird, which was taken down from app stores by its creator Dong Nguyen in February, is reportedly coming back. According to tweets from Donna Burton and Kelly Evans of CNBC, Nguyen is planning to re-launch Flappy Bird in August this year with new capabilities.

While the exact details of the release are unclear at this moment, the new version of the game will reportedly be less addictive and include multiplayer support.

The developer has also revealed that he is working on many more games including one in which a guy jumps from one building to another.

To remind you, Flappy Bird was originally released on iOS in May 2013, but it didn’t go viral until the end of the year. It was launched on Android on January 31, 2014 but couldn’t last very long as Dong Nguyen removed the game from various app stores including Google Play on February 10, 2014.

Nguyen had earlier stated in various interviews that he had pulled the game because it was becoming addictive and millions of the users were spending too much time playing it. At the peak of Flappy Bird, the developer was reportedly earning over $50,000 via in-app ads from over 50 million downloads.

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