Is this Moto E?

Moto E with Moto G
Leaked Image: Moto E (right) with Moto G

An alleged image of the upcoming mass-market Motorola Android phone Moto E has appeared online. It was reportedly posted on Motorola Mexico page by one user, however it has been removed now.

While there is no way to confirm whether it is indeed Moto E, the phone in the image bears quite a resemblance to the sketch of the phone in a Flipkart teaser for Moto E (a comparison image at the end of the report).

The leaked image confirms a couple of key details about the Moto E like the lack of front camera, which was conspicuously missing from a previously leaked product listing for Moto E, as well as the presence of a front speaker.  Also, the alleged Moto E looks smaller than Moto G in the image, so the leaked 4.3-inch display size seems about right.

As per the previous leaked product listing, Moto E is expected to come with a dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage, 5MP rear camera and Android 4.4.2 KitKat. The phone will be released in three versions- XT1021 (single-SIM), XT1022 (dual-SIM) and XT1025 (dual-SIM + digital TV).

Moto E comparison
See the resemblance: Leaked Moto E image with phone sketch from Flipkart teaser

Check out the related story links below for more coverage on Moto E. The phone is scheduled to be announced on May 13 in New Delhi and London with expected availability on the same day.


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