“Molly” could be Google’s upcoming Android TV device

MollyAlongside the HTC-made Nexus device “Flounder,” another device codenamed “Molly” has been spotted in the Android 4.4.3 changelist on AOSP. Unlike Flounder, Molly doesn’t seem to be a tablet or a smartphone for that matter, it looks like an Android TV product, most probably a set-top box (given the talk about the same in changelist screen above).

It could very well turn out be the first device to come with Android TV, which is Google’s revamped effort for the televisions and related gadgets.  The first details of the Android TV were revealed in a leak last month.

No details about Molly are available right now but there are a few mentions for something called “Bemote” in Android 4.4.3 changelist as well, which seems to be a remote for Molly, which makes sense given that Molly is likely to be an Android TV device.

We are digging for more information on Molly and will update the report as soon as we get something.

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