Amazon smartphone to rely on tilt gestures for user interaction

Amazon smartphone

E-Retail giant wants to “tilt” the way we use our smartphones

Thanks to a recent image leak, the arrival of Amazon smartphone seems more plausible than ever. Said to be featuring a set to infrared cameras to manipulate the display in accordance to the user’s face movement, the rumoured Amazon phone will also come with unique interaction gestures that will supposedly change the way we use our smartphones or at least that is what Amazon is trying to do, reveals the latest report from BGR.

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According to BGR, Amazon smartphone will come with unique gesture controls, which will be used by the consumers to bring up menu, additional information about on-screen items or even scroll web-pages, contacts and e-books. Amazon hopes that these gestures will help the users in single-hand operation of the smartphone.

Describing some of the use-cases of these gestures, BGR adds:

In the phone’s email and calendar apps where small icons are displayed with no labels, a slight tilt will reveal labels beneath each icon, informing the user of its function. If the user performs a tilt gesture after searching for a restaurant in the maps app, Yelp ratings will appear on top of the various results plotted on the map.

Similarly, these gestures will also be used to access menu or options in an app, it will be like tilting your phone will slide out menu from the left, right, top or bottom.

“The user tilts the phone to one side while reading a book in the Kindle app, the phone will open the X-Ray menu, which is a reference tool that provides contextual information relevant to whatever the user might be reading at the time. A tilt in the messaging app while composing a new message will open up a panel with the phone’s camera roll, allowing users to quickly and easily insert a photo. Tilting the phone to one side while using the weather app reveals the extended forecast,” BGR explained.

Among other features, Amazon smartphone is reportedly coming with in-built OCR to capture next from signs or business cards etc.

To remind you, Amazon is rumoured to announce the smartphone in June with availability in Q3.

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