HTC One (M8) Google Play edition is not coming to India (Updated)

HTC One M8 Google Play edition

Update: Turns out, HTC One (M8) Google Play edition is not coming to India. The company has clarified that there was a mistake in the official press release and GPe will not be available to Indian consumers.

Looks like HTC India PR team had copied and pasted from the M8 original announcement press note and forgot to remove the GPe part.  It is however surprising that when asked Chai-Lin Chang, President of Global Sales and CFO, HTC, had also incorrectly confirmed the India launch of M8 Google Play edition at the launch event earlier today.

Earlier: In addition to the retail HTC One (M8), the Taiwanese manufacturer has also announced that the Google Play edition of HTC One (M8) will be available in the Indian market as well via Google Play. The phone will retail for INR 49,900, which is the same price-tag as the retail variant.

HTC One (M8) GPe comes with the same specifications set as the retail version, however it packs stock Android 4.4.2 on-board rather than Sense UI. To remind you, the phone comes with 5-inch full HD display, 2.5GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage and microSD card slot.

HTC One (M8) also includes 2600 mAh battery and the usual set of connectivity options.


  1. Anybody feeling flush – this is prolly the Droid to buy right now. The build quality of HTC without the annoying Blinkfeed. The jury’s still out on the camera, but apart from that, this is a better all-round choice compared to the S5 right now IMO even though that one in itself ain’t half bad TBH.

    But the pricing is ridiculous on both, so neither will feature on my “Best Buy” list. The GS4 and the 1st gen One (M7) are the ones to go for right now at under 30K. 🙂


      • I agree to an extent, but what you really mean is the “Pure Android” is better than Touchwiz or Sense. Hardware wise, the S4 is actually better than the N5.

        The S4 is currently cheaper than the N5 as well and has a MUCH better camera, so “better” is really subjective. 🙂


      • you should also remember major games still lag on s4. nexus 5 doesnt lag .s4 time is over. nexus 5 will atleast get 2-3 years of updates and it is stock so roms will be 10 times better than s4. Lifetime of nexus 5 is longerthan s4.


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